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According to Garnett (1992), the difficulty is manifested in conceptual understanding, counting sequences, written number symbol systems, the language of math, basic number facts, procedural steps of computation, application of arithmetic skills, and problem-solving.

"Mathematics learning disabilities do not often occur with clarity and simplicity.

Rather they can be combinations of difficulties which may include language processing problems, visual spatial confusion, memory and sequence difficulties, and or unusually high anxiety" (Bliss, 2000).

Adult education teachers need to individualize instruction for students who have learning disabilities in math.

It is important to remember that those modifications that require student responses (e.g.

using the SLANT strategy) should be systematically taught, and that the effectiveness of the accommodations and modifications should be monitored and changes made as needed.

However, accommodations and modifications do not replace the need to use effective instructional strategies for students who have learning problems.The term learning disabilities is often misused and applied to students who learn in different ways.Some people think of learning disabilities as something of short duration that can be cured with help.Dyscalculia-which is defined as a mathematics disability resulting from neurological dysfunction-can be as complex and damaging as a reading disability, which tends to be more routinely diagnosed.According to The Math Page web site, being classified with dyscalculia means having: "intellectual functioning that falls within or above the normal range and a significant discrepancy between his/her age and math skills (usually two years or more).

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