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I had the hots for 2 of my friends since i dont even know when.Anyways, Later that day we all headed over to my house. I was a teenager had a girlfriend and hadn't really thought I was bi yet.I really like girls i would watch normal p*** and start noticing the guys erect c*** and it would turn me on. Both were in incredible shape - mid 30s - and handsome and hot. They didn't teach gay sex ed when I was at school and I've been in the closet the last 30 years! In the summer of 1981 (damn, was it really that long ago?!So i started looking up big c*** p*** and then slowly i ended up looking up full on... Hetro sex Ed was along the lines of " touch a girl without a condom and she'll get pregnant" clearly not true... I didn't realize it but both of them saw me watching them. ), I was involved in a church youth group trip to Southern Cali from where I lived in Alaska.When I got there we just hung out and watched a movie, but then his parents left and few minutes later he made a move on me. I guess it all started when I was still 7 years old, was in 2nd grade... Remembering is not to difficult as it was not much more than 6 months ago. I consider myself straight, as i cant fathom actually being in love with another man, i still lust after women, and know i... At the time, I was using a local telephone hook up line fairly extensively..was free, so why not? This is also my first post on here, so bear with me as I figure out how to navigate the site. His name was Dee, and we had know each other for about 3 years prior.I was a little shocked at first, then I just went with it. Back then I had a friend Orb, he was in the 4th grade at that time. I had been getting closer and closer to it for a while: exchanged knowing stares with other guys at the public swimming baths, brushes with free-balling chavs in the local park. This is my first story and im only a 17 year old boy, but i wanted to see how much attention i can get on this :)My mum and dad had split up when i was about 3 and i think it had a preety massive efffect on my sexuality since i have come to terms that i am a bi sexual. So here is a story for you's a first time, just not MY first time, even though I was there. We both had been texting, and both were crazy about these two girls that had both rejected us. When I was about fourteen I belonged to a marching band and met a friend named Roger.

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