Dating ariane basketball

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Quincy and Monica are drawn to each other instantly, sharing a love of the game: basketball.

Quincy (played as a youth by Glendon Chattman) is shocked that a girl could ever love basketball as much as he did, and he is even more shocked when Monica plays so well.

Monica (Sanaa Lathan) and Quincy (Omar Epps) have wanted to be professional basketball stars since they were kids.

Monica wanted to play for the Los Angeles Lakers and wear Magic Johnson's number 32, and Quincy wanted to be like his father and play for the Clippers, wearing number 22.

Also joining the clique was wife of player Eddy Curry and Malaysia’s friend, Patrice Curry, as well as Draya’s friend, fashion designer and ex- girlfriend of Tyreke Evens, Angel Brinks.

Between the new personalities, major life challenges, and old resentments, even Shaunie soon realized that the LA ladies are a very challenging group.

Aside from her emotions on the court, she also struggles with the emotions she secretly still harbors for Quincy and struggles to express them as he is always surrounded by other girls.However, both she and her team came up short leading them to a victory, leaving Monica devastated and in tears.Later on, Monica begins to recover from the defeat with the help of her older sister, Lena, who gives her a makeover and even finds a college friend to take her to her spring dance.However, Monica has to work hard to establish herself, while Quincy was born with natural star potential.As the two struggle to reach their goals of playing professionally, they must also deal with their emotions for each other.

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