Dating online romance truebeginnings

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Right before Christmas 2003, they went on their first date, to Avanti Euro Bistro in Addison Circle. “It was a perfect thing for us,” Kepner says of their match made in cyberspace.“We’ve been inseparable ever since.” And, they hope, forever. Dunn and Kepner could be the poster couple for online dating.

Encouraged by a friend who found love on the Internet, Dunn, who’s 31 and a sales manager for Marriott Hotels in Dallas, also decided to play the online dating game on The only way the services can expand their domestic business is to poach from each other. On the other,, across town in Las Colinas, where the upstart company is trying to change how the entire online dating business operates.THE CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS of the company that brought online dating into the mainstream are pretty unromantic.“I was a serial dater and had dated a lot of great women,” Kepner tells me with a smile.He’s 34 and the general manager and sommelier of the new Cascades restaurant opening downtown this summer.

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