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(For Braganza, it’s her old Raiders cheerleading uniform.) For Johnson and Dornan, “their catsuits were who they were on camera,” Braganza says with a laugh. They have to feel confident in them, she says, “otherwise, we’re not gonna buy it.” But for those of us who don’t anticipate a steamy, naked close-up anytime soon, Braganza advises monitoring fitness using something like a bathing suit or sexy lingerie.“If you know you’re gonna wear a bathing suit on a vacation, put it on a month before and see where you’re at,” she says.That alone could be all the gym motivation you need.But any look-good-naked workout regime is pointless if you’re not mentally prepared for the action.“If you want to feel comfortable naked, it’s really more important for you to feel comfortable deep down inside, and then the other parts just sort of happen,” she says.

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With Dornan, Braganza focused almost entirely on legs, although he worked out his arms and other parts on his own.

At the top of every squat, Braganza advises her clients to squeeze their glutes tightly to make the workout even more effective.

They worked together about twice a week for around 30 minutes each day inside Braganza’s mobile gym, Mobile Physique.

The sequel has Christian and Anastasia exploring the more romantic side of their, ahem, arrangement (the characters famously sign a contract in the first book and movie, with Anastasia agreeing to be the submissive and Christian the dominant).

The film, which UK newspaper the Sun says is even kinkier than the first flick, reportedly includes a racy bit in which Anastasia draws lipstick on Christian’s chest and sex scenes that are “too graphic to describe.” For her role, Johnson needed a lean and graceful physique.

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