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Cisco does not produce OVA files for newer vmv versions, or test newer vmv versions since VMware indicates these are backwards compatible.If ESXi 6.5, all applications support VMFS5 but only some support VMFS6 (check each application's virtualization page for details). For older ESXi releases, the VMFS is transparent to Cisco Collaboration apps, but recommend using the latest version offered for the major/minor version of VMware v Sphere ESXi you are deploying on.Use of Cisco Nexus® 1000V is therefore strongly recommended as this is currently the only way to deterministically manage traffic congestion through the UCS 6x00.Note: Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise requires design review (partners can check This section only describes mandatory, optional, allowed or recommended virtualization software.For all other support policy elements (including supported hardware and supported application co-residency), see links on

Otherwise, these options are supported by Cisco Collaboration apps that support the VMware v Network Distributed Switch feature (see Supported Editions and Features of VMware v Sphere ESXi, VMware v Center and VMware v Sphere Client).

VMware Tools are specialized drivers for virtual hardware that is installed in the UC applications when they are running virtualized.

It is very important that the VMware tools version running in the UC application be in sync with the version of ESXi being used.

Cisco Collaboration apps do not prescribe or proscribe individual ESXi patches and updates.

Cisco recommendation is to apply the latest patches and updates recommended by VMware and your hardware vendor.

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