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Time, or the lack of it, has massively contributed towards the rising popularity of online dating.With people leading busier lives, the ability to browse profiles when they’re on the go perfectly complements the packed schedules of today’s singletons.

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64% of people state that common interests are the most important factor of a relationship, and therefore it is crucial to make sure data is not just gathered quickly, but is also appropriate and accurate.

But when it comes to the success of modern dating websites, a personalised approach is essential, especially when you consider that there are around 8,000 competitors worldwide.

Personalisation allows companies to really get to know their customers, and this is arguably the most important element in the online dating world.

The information usually gathered from extensive questionnaires can instead be found out in a matter of seconds by analysing a user’s entire online existence.

This not only offers users a more streamlined customer experience, but also provides businesses with more detailed and real-time insight into the interests and lives of the individuals using their service.

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