Liquidating distribution to c corp shareholders

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He also provides guidance in the areas of taxation of partnerships, limited liability companies and C corporations, as well as the owners thereof.He is a published author on tax topics, and has written extensively on S Corporations. Boyd has experience with C corporation, S corporation, partnership, and individual income taxation, and has significant experience with tax provision preparation and documentation of tax positions.

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liquidating distribution to c corp shareholders-69

Advisers must have a comprehensive basis schedule for all shareholders.In some cases, there may be some corporate level problems, such as the built-in gains taxes.Tax advisers must be aware of the Subchapter C rules, especially those concerned with gain or loss recognition on the distribution.Otherwise, the IRS can re-characterize the transactions in ways that have negative tax consequences for shareholders, their corporations, or both.Consult with your tax adviser for guidance in your situation.

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