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The mean number of HPV types detected prior to sex increased following intercourse (1.9 to 2.5; p Despite low prevalence of other STI and acceptance and use of condoms, male clients of FSW in Callao, Peru had a high prevalence of HPV.Increased detection of HPV DNA following condom protected intercourse reflects transfer of HPV DNA from FSW, and may indicate potential for HPV transmission between FSW and male clients despite reported condom use.Women and girls face some of the greatest challenges, including the threat of dengue fever and Zika to pregnant women, barriers to family planning, and increased risk of gender-based violence.© UNFPA Peru/Juan Pablo Casapia PIURA, Peru – Flooding and heavy rains on the northern coast of Peru caused widespread displacement and damage between February and April.

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And women and girls were urged to use their whistles to alert authorities if they are in danger.

“When we received the whistle, we realized it was an important tool for us to communicate,” said Carmela*, 33, a resident at the Nuevo Santa Rosa shelter.

“My pregnancy test was negative.” She was relieved, and decided to learn more about the family planning services available.

“I received advice on family planning, information on the risks of being pregnant under these circumstances, and contraceptive pills.” She discussed what she’d learned with her husband, and together they decided to avoid pregnancy until their lives are more stable.

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