My friend is dating a pathological liar elementary school dating tips

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At this point the lying had reached such a ridiculous point that it really stretched credibility so I felt able to confront him - before that, I mostly believed him just because it seemed too far fetched that anyone would lie about all these things!As soon as I confronted him he started to admit it, although he had been lying for so long that it took a long time for him to realise what he had lied about because he believed his own lies.He has had all the counselling that he has been offered - but as I said, we have moved twice since the problem came to light, changing health authorities each time, and so each time he has had to start from scratch with seeing the GP, getting referred for mental health assessment then to counselling.The last lot of counselling he had seemed to be targeting the underlying issues but not specifically the lying so I have been thinking about trying to get him some CBT.

I confronted him about the heart condition in mid-2012, asking him if he was sure it wasn't a psychological problem rather than a physical one.I never looked at anyone else and I absolutely knew with certainty that I loved him more than anyone else loved their partners.He has killed all that, and whilst there's a part of me that will always love him, I don't feel anything like what I did feel for him.At the moment I'm sort of postponing any decision about what to do until both children are at school (DD starts school this autumn and DS is one year behind). I don't know what I'm expecting from it, I guess I just want to vent. I actually posted my story on another mums forum a few months before my partner's lies came to light, and got banned from the forum because the other mums and the administrators thought I was trolling (i.e. At that point I was just moaning about the stress of being a good mother while dealing with my partner's terminal heart condition.I did see a similar thread from 2007 by a lady who had discovered that her partner lied about everything ... The other mums quickly sussed that my partner was lying.

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