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I don’t really understand how Norwegians, who tend to avoid any kind of awkward social situation, can wake up naked with someone they haven’t shared their name with, but it still happens a lot.The third thing you can expect from a drunk Norwegian is emotion sharing and sudden intimacy.We look forward to meeting strangers as they are potential new friends.Norwegians usually assume French, Spanish or Italians are already drunk when they meet them as they talk to everyone in a party, when in reality they drank one glass of wine and ate a few peanuts.They were worried that the project would be stigmatizing," Isdal said.

So don’t expect Norwegian women to drink a little and leave all the fun to the men. The first thing you can expect from a drunk Norwegian is sudden happiness and an ease to socialize.

"To prevent sexual assaults by men, you have to provide good living conditions, such as a job and housing, and combat poverty." Together with the Alternative to Violence (ATV) foundation, Isdal has devised another, broader programme of "dialogue groups" focused on preventing violence, including sexual attacks, which were run as a nationwide experiment in 20.

In these classes too, rather than having a teacher instructing students, the emphasis is on groups holding discussions and exchanges of ideas, moderated by specially-trained ATV employees.

The course, which Hero has tacked onto the immigration agency's broader, mandatory introduction programme to Norway, addresses the problem of sexual assault, using concrete examples for the participants to discuss.

"It could be an 18-year-old guy who says he's surprised by the interest some Norwegian girls are showing in him. To avoid stigmatising immigrants, the role of sexual predator in these scenarios may be assigned to a Norwegian.

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