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Reportedly, one of his daughters looked at the sun shining on the area’s rolling Phoenix mountains and exclaimed, "What a pretty, sunny slope! He was buried in Phoenix's Greenwood/Memory Lawn Mortuary & Cemetery.The Sunnyslope Subdivision’s original boundaries were from Central Avenue on the west, to Dunlap Avenue on the north and from 3rd Street on east to Alice on the south.In 1963, he illegally diverted ,564 in Medicare funds to help in the construction of El Cid Castle, a bowling alley which resembled a Moorish Castle.Hall had been performing unsanctioned medical operations, and his physician’s license was revoked in 1971 after four patients died during gastric bypass surgery.Hall, considered by his peers as controversial, operated the North Mountain Hospital, a 40-bed hospital in Sunnyslope, which he built in 1955.The hospital had a primate zoo located on the hospital grounds.During this period, it was common for people from eastern states, known as “health seekers,” to move to Arizona.Many of these people built tent houses or small cottages, planning to get well and then return to their former homes.

In 1936, there were approximately 600 residents in Sunny Slope.

Many small businesses, churches and schools were established. Its Sunnyslope flagship hospital is now one of eight Level I trauma facilities in Arizona.

The first school, Sunnyslope Elementary School, was opened in 1949, Mountain View Elementary School was opened in 1952, and the third elementary school built in Sunnyslope was Desert View which opened in 1956. The Desert Mission remains in operation as a subsidiary of this healthcare group.

Through its food bank, children’s dental clinic, community health center, behavioral health clinic and a licensed and accredited child care facility, the Desert Mission continues to respond to the needs of Sunnyslope and North Phoenix. Lincoln, an Ohio inventor and industrialist who founded Lincoln Electric, relocated to the Sunnyslope district in 1931 with his wife Helen, to treat her tuberculosis; almost immediately, the Lincolns became major financial supporters of Desert Mission and took on key leadership roles in the organization for most of the remainder of their lives.

Helen Lincoln lived to the age of 102, after having been given just two more years to live by doctors.

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