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Tickets bought at any ticket selling location can be used for admission on any ride.We know how many tickets are sold each day and at the end of that day weigh all tickets used for admission at each ride, allowing us to balance ticket sales and redemption and also to monitor the popularity of each individual ride.Art initially began the carnival with two attractions operating in the southeastern area of South Dakota.Over the years the operating area has grown larger and the number of attractions has increased where now our area of operation includes 10 states and we can offer up to 50 rides, 50 games and 15 food concessions.In 1928 he borrowed 0 from Walt for a down payment on a No.5 Eli Bridge Ferris Wheel, and in 1929 he purchased a Parker Carousel.

Experience and training combine with maintenance and daily inspections to create a safe environment.

Over time, as the carnival became renowned for its fast jumps, one unit was designated “Zephyr” and the other “Bombshell.” Vern joined his brother in 1930 as the show’s mechanic.

He brought along his wife Florence, and their children, Bernard and Doris.

These were not successful, perhaps owing to Art and his two brothers’ lack of interest in farming life.

As a young man Art served as a fireman on the railroad, while his brother Walt was an auto body repairman, and his oldest brother Vern worked as a mechanic.

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