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The Music Catcher of MAX973HD is able to update the CD title information for each song automatically after ripping the song on the hard disk.In case the database doesn’t have your title information available, the NAVI manager software can synchronise the data with the Gracenote website on the Internet and update the title information on your hard disk.

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Anyway make sure you don't have the shuffle chosen, things should play in order on usb or Ipod as long as that option isn't highlighted in red.

These enhancements are mostly of a specific nature; read the software release notes (overview of changes).

Navigation software updates (map data and system updates, as well as the 30-day Latest Map Guarantee) can be downloaded from the Naviextras Internet portal using your PC or notebook.

I also have the track number leading off the actual filename (not the Track Name). I ran a test and renamed the track names for a whole album by adding the letter of the alphabet to the track name So Track # 1 stayed Track Number #1 , but the title was change to "A song name", Track #2 stayed Track #2 , but song B became "B Song Name.

When I did this, and played the album, the album played in correct order.

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