Validating filenames with regularexpressionvalidator

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how about if you write read a file from (web form) hi, how to read a file line by line and place the contents in a file. i already have a template with name and company fields. Delete files where path match regular expression How can I use the System. For example I want to delete files whose filenames start with "string". Net Web Form Hi, This might be a dumb question, but ... Net Web Form, is it necessary to have Microsoft Excel actually installed on the client machine running the web form? =.*\d).$simply put the textbox has to have one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter and one digit.

I guess I have to get an array of the files somehow and then loop it though and apply the Delete function to all of the files. Also, do the Excel files being read need to be saved as "values only" or can the values be extracted from a spreadsheet where the cells contain formulas? -Wayne Hi, For the 1st part, Office is not necessary to be installed. Regar...invoke mail form of outlook express form web form how do i invoke a mail form from a web page email link. Input: Password1 and when you tab off of the textbox it fails.

I have attempted multiple things to get this into the page and even started to just rewrite it as an web form, but even then I can't reuse any of the code since the System. This is not a good idea because every time that I make a change on the database design I have to drag the new definition on 35 web forms and I have to create the datasets again. The question is: WHAT CAN I DO TO HAVE THE FILE DEFINITION ONLY IN ONE PLACE AND THAT EVERY WEB FORM WOULD TAKE THE DATA ADAPTERS AND DATASETS FROM THERE? i want abc and xyz info ltd to be cut and saved in file. Delete function to delete files matching a certain filename?

N/ but not if there is two i tried append but it didnt work how i wanted it to work.

Tags: regex, findstr, java,, xslt, python, html, special-characters, pattern-matching, email, match, xml, shell, string, capture, preg-match, javascript, xslt-2.0, php, ruby, bash, c#, batch, delimiter, file-upload, command, validator Please help to understand this Reg Ex statement in details. Net File Upload control to allow only jpeg and gif files.

Is there a way to collapse both of these steps - the filtering and the transformation - into one regex-parsing call?

(One that would work most of the time is But that would often throw out some valid matches that still didn't need replacement.) EDIT: A regex example, roughly similar to mine, to illustrate why this is tricky: Imagine looking for words at the beginning of lines in a log file, and wanting to capitalize them.

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