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Check fullness of crop, amount of fluids being consumed, etc.very carefully for at least a week, and return the bird to its normal routine very slowly and carefully.Birds use a considerable amount of their energy and metabolic resources in keeping their body temperature up (at around 104 deg.).Therefore, the single most important thing you can do for a sick bird is to artificially support its temperature, thus freeing as much of its energy as possible for dealing with the illness.A vaporizer is best, a humidifier will work, and in a pinch, placing the bird in the bathroom and periodically running hot water in the shower is better than nothing.If there is NO respiratory involvement, or the bird is physically injured and not ill, humidity is not so important.Never stop giving antibiotics before the full treatment period has elapsed.

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If your bird doesn't eat on its own while ill, you need to hand feed it, or force feed it if necessary.WHen the bird begins to recover, remember to lower the temp gradually, no more than 5 degrees per day, until back to room temp.Humidity is extremely important in cases of respiratory involvement in the illness, as it eases the breathing and helps the bird keep the air passages clear and moist.In extreme cases a veterinarian may administer fluids under the skin, but oral fluids are also very helpful.If your bird isn't drinking alot on its own, give fluids from your finger, a spoon, or by syringe.

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