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Consider a simple background to both increase quality and decrease file size.The more data you transmit, the larger the file size will be and the slower the transmission.There are quite a few issues which can affect the quality of your broadcast while you are on camera. Position, lighting, clothing, movement, posing, backdrop... each of these can either make or break the quality of your broadcast. In essence, a camera is simply a device for detecting and registering light.In the sections below, we will illustrate many of the common mistakes in Internet video live webcam broadcasting and show you how to avoid them. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that one of the first rules of good video broadcasting is to make sure all participants are well lit. Even inexpensive webcams can produce superior-quality images with the right lighting. Available at most any hardware store, these lights will produce striking results.It may look that way on the sending end, but notice the image below and the "ghoulish" effect, as compared to the other image which is bright and clear.

Halogen, however, will make the biggest difference.Simply aiming several of these lights at key spots on your wall and ceiling creates excellent lighting for your broadcast.If you prefer fluorescent lighting, be sure to get "full-spectrum" lights.The purpose of this tutorial is to make your Camera Ware experience more enjoyable for you and those who view you.Following these simple steps will ensure that your broadcast is the very best it can be!

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