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Tower block-sized cruise ships glinting in the sunlight. To the west, the city’s outskirts spread like fingers into the valleys of the seven mountains that encircle it. Norwegian salaries, in even the most menial of jobs, are vast and artificially inflated by the huge wealth stored in the country’s oil reserves. On my second night in Bergen, sitting in a bar cradling a 400ml glass of beer that cost £10, I got talking to a local.A brisk walk (or a brisker cable car) will take you to the top of the tallest of these, Ulriken, 643m above sea level. He works six weeks on (as a waiter on one of the coastal ferries) and has six weeks off – in a villa in Brazil, with a staff of two, that he pays for with his crazy earnings.Hagen is unsuitable for the role after the party voted to replace her on Wednesday.Austrian activist Max Schrems cannot bring a class action against Facebook for privacy breaches, although he is allowed to sue the US social media giant on a personal basis, the adviser to the EU's top court said on Tuesday.For the most part of the seven days we spent on the plateau, we were at least a six-hour walk from the nearest road. Each thought would pop up and I’d examine it, then it would drift off to be replaced by another. I was pounding vast distances, a crazed smile on my face, enjoying the internal show as well as the external one.Walking through this vast emptiness, mostly in silence, a strange thing happened to my thought patterns. That initial day we walked for 14 hours before arriving for our first stay in a state-run hut, perched on the edge of a long lake punctuated by huge rocks, which looked like water-buffalo drinking in the dusk. This webcam Bergen with the theme City Views was added on August 31, 2006 and is operated by Bergens Tidende. Shouldn't this webcam work or should the link be wrong please report that here. This webcam Bergen is updated regularly so you can also watch webcam archive images. Watch with this webcam the current weather in Bergen!

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As it was, I got the ticket first and then bought a guide book which, with its grainy grey photographs of wind-blasted mountains, made it look like a landscape in perpetual mourning.Live Web Cams Norway Check out the Top Rated Norway Web Cams operating in all areas of Norway on out Live Web Cams Norway Channel View streaming live Norway webcams and fast refreshing Norway web cams by watching our Top Rated Norway Live Webcams Channel Geirangerfjord Cruise Ships Port Weather Webcam Norway Check out the live Norwegian Cruise Ships weather on the Geirangerfjord in the Mre og Romsdal county area of Norway by watching this streaming You Tube Live Geirangerfjord Cruise Ships Port weather webcam in Norway Bodo Cruise Ships Port Weather Webcam Bodo Norway Watch the live North Norway weather at the Norwegian town of Bodo in the Arctic Circle area of Norway by viewing this real time You Tube Live streaming Bodo Cruise Ships Port panorama weather webcam in the Nordland County of North Norway in the Arctic Circle in Norway Bodo Harbor Weather Webcam Bodo Town Arctic Circle Norway Watch the live Norwegian weather in the Nordland town of Bodo in the Arctic Circle area of North Norway by viewing this You Tube Live video streaming Bodo Harbor weather webcam in the town of Bodo in North Norway Lysefjord Panorama Streaming Weather Cam southwestern Norway Enjoy watching this real time streaming Norwegian panorama weather webcam overlooking the Lysefjord in the Rogaland area of southwestern Norway by viewing this You Tube Live streaming Lysefjord panorama weather webcam Great panorama web cam views overlooking the Lysefjord from the Norwegian Village of Forsand in South West Norway Jrpeland Live Weather Webcam Rogaland Norway Check out the live Western Norway weather in the Rogaland area of Norway by watching this You Tube Live streaming Jorpeland Town weather webcam in the West area of Norway Lakselv River Wild Salmon Underwater Web Cam Lakselv Norway Enjoy viewing this LIVE Underwater Wild Salmon You Tube Live video streaming cam on the Lakselv River at the town of Lakselv in the Finnmark County area of Norway.Good underwater webcam views of wild salmon in the Lakselv River in Norway Kirkenes Town Live Panorama Weather Webcam Sor-Varanger Norway Check out the live Norway weather in the Sor-Varanger area of Norway by watching this You Tube Live video streaming Kirkenes Town Panorama weather web cam in the Finnmark County area of Norway Lillestrm Town Centre Weather Web Cam Skedsmo Norway Watch LIVE the Norwegian weather in the Skedsmo town of Lillestrom in Norway by viewing this Live You Tube streaming video Lillestrom Town Centre weather webcam in the Skedsmo area of Norway Kirkenes Town Centre Weather Web Cam Sr-Varanger NE Norway Watch the LIVE Norway weather in the town of Kirkenes in north east Norway by viewing this Live You Tube video streaming Kirkenes Town Centre weather webcam in the Sor-Varanger area on North East Norway Bkfjorden Fjord Weather Web Cam Sr-Varanger North East Norway Check out the LIVE Norwegian weather in the Finnmark area of North East Norway by watching this Live You Tube video streaming Bokfjorden Fjord weather cam in the Sor-Varangar area of Norway London Chinatown Live Streaming HD webcam View this LIVE streaming London Chinatown video webcam in the Soho area of London.At first the same old thoughts dominated, chasing each other round my head to the rhythm of my breathing. There is a network of these huts spread across rural Norway for the benefit of walkers and (in the winter) skiers.But gradually they evaporated and new thoughts bubbled up. The maps show the walking distance between them: typically six or seven hours.

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