What makes an intimidating person

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mmm a man who isn't afraid to go after what he wants .. A secure confident person would not be intimidated by anyone whatsoever & I find that really attractive!

People put out signals we all read only 5% of communication is seems to always be a hot topic and women are always wondering why some men don't appoach them but it has nothing to do with the men in most situations. what ever is going on in your life by being what you want. Loveisgonenothing makes them intimidating...allow themselves to be intimidated. I for one am very outgoing - the men who are intimidated by me are the ones who cannot express themselves freely or the ones who hate any attention on them for thier other insecurities. I totaly agree - it's what you fear in yourself that comes to the surface of your insecurities and is reflected in what intimidates you - whether it be with the opposite sex or in life in general. That assumption keeps good men and good women from connecting .. Not all Successful / Attractive women are nasty heartless biotches!! This guy went on and on about how i think i'm better than anyone else .. he told me i was ugly and insulted my character big time!

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