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Big Ben will sounds its bongs for the last time for four years on Monday at noon, while the iconic tower is renovated.

Then, making the grand and rather unlikely claim that she was seen as the 'Carla Bruni of British politics', Mrs Bercow extolled the virtues of politics as an aphrodisiac.

Some feel that the lack of bongs will become a passion killer for the couple.

One told The Sun: 'Poor John may live to regret this controversial decision if it means it's not just the bongs that are turned off.'In 2011, Mrs Bercow raised eyebrows at Westminster when she posed for a racy photoshoot, with just a bedsheet wrapped around her, for a picture with Parliament in the background.

The silencing of Big Ben's bongs could take its toll on the love life on the House of Commons speaker.

As the chimes at the London landmark go mute for the next four years, friends are fearing for John Bercow after his wife, Sally, 47, revealed that living next door to the clock is 'incredibly sexy'.

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