Who is proudlock dating

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Chloe decides to clear the air with Gabriella but they clash when Chloe walks in on Gabriella filming her new music video with two Ollie lookalikes.

Caggie discovers the truth about Hugo’s cheating and tells Millie everything leading to a confrontation between the estranged couple.

Cheska feels betrayed when Binky chooses going to Caggie’s gig over her dinner party, and the pair end up falling out when loyalties are questioned.

Hugo finally picks up the courage to apologise to Cheska, Amber lets it slip to Natalya that Francis tried to kiss her, and Spencer is hurt when Proudlock and Caggie kiss.

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Amber arranges a charity night for the Chelsea pensioners and asks Spencer to spread the word leaving Caggie upset as he invites everyone except her.

Hugo begins to flirt with Rosie at home, whilst Spencer blames Millie for Hugo not being in Morocco.

Despite Caggie’s disapproval, Proudlock asks Alice out for a date, and Binky and Cheska clear the air to become friends again.

Elsewhere, Millie questions Rosie over her feelings towards Hugo, and Caggie invites her latest love interest Thomas to Proudlock’s party.

Caggie shows Thomas around London unaware she’s hurting Spencer by doing so, whilst Proudlock and Alice go on their first date on a boat.

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