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When a guy asks a girl to pick the date location, it can make the whole date feel a little boring.

What’s exciting about eating at the place where you always go?

If first dates are no longer traditional, should the planning of them be as well?

Who should come up with the first date idea, the boy or the girl?

Hey Ronnie, As far as how long to let the men lead goes….

I’ve been doing that with several men lately, but I’ve had a couple guys actually get snippy with me and say things like ” I thought you weren’t interested” even though I’ve Indicated that I’ve had a great time with them, I’ve been available for 2nd and 3rd dates, etc.

Think bar crawling, sky diving, golfing, taking a cooking class – literally anything.Or worse, that he’s just not that bothered and doesn’t care where they go or what they do.What girls think: When asked to choose the location of a date, a lot of women panic.But as a dating coach, I highly recommend letting the men do the work just for that initial phase of dating – the first 4-6 dates.That’s how you can collect data about how interested they are in you. What they do to try to please you and win you over etc.

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