Wow armoury not updating

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As many of you have already discovered, one of the focal points of the new World of Warcraft community site is,! Whenever a character logs out of the game, a request is automatically sent to the static renderer for a new set of website images. This should queue a request for the static renderer and allow your character images to update appropriately. Because of this, until an image is rendered for a death knight, the death knight silhouette will default to human. What if I want a special pose, item, or background to appear in my character's image. You can still customize how your character appears on the community site by using things like holiday items and lower-level quest rewards, however. If you would like to provide feedback on the website or recommend additional features and/or functionality, please visit the Website Features Request forum.

Not only do you have a variety of controls at your fingertips, but you're now represented by unique 3D renders of your in-game characters. These requests are processed in the order they are received and will typically complete within 3 to 5 minutes. Get creative -- you may be surprised at the results! What if there appears to be something wrong with my character images? If you believe you've encountered a possible issue with the website, you can submit a report in the Website Bug Report forum.

We’ve made a number of bug fixes and UI improvements to make navigating the app even easier, and we plan to continue to improve the app and integrate additional Armory functionality in the future.

You can download the updated World of Warcraft Remote app for free now from Android Marketplace.

This is because it only saved a character's status after their last logout, so there was no way to display multiple sets of gear (for instance healing, Pv P, or resistance sets) or the effects of different talent builds.

When the Armory first came up, many players were concerned that their items and stats were viewable for all to see.

If you logged out during peak gaming hours, keep in mind that it may take a while for your new image to render. If a character is under level 10, it will only receive a default silhouette avatar to be used on the forums as well as in page comments. Typically, default silhouettes are based off of race, not class.

These teams were commemorated in the Arena Hall of Fame. 2 – Optional: activate each spec one time, in game (this lets the addon read everything for each spec if you’re already playing multiple specs). Click on your character’s name to open the character picker.Change something on your character, like a piece of gear, etc. That sometimes forces an update for your character on the blizzard API.Individual members that played more than twenty percent of a team's games were given special rewards, such as nether drakes and specialized titles.See armory updates for the list of updates to The Armory.

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